Jalarra . . . was it just a momentary dream? Perhaps not!

Back in 2015, we set about restoring the old “Bumbles” nightclub in Bournemouth’s Triangle district, then, the creative hub of the town.

Not only did we facilitate both a magical & sympathetic transformation of the old Art College building, but Jalarra opened to rave reviews and attracted some seriously talented musicians.

Jalarra was a restaurant and bar with live entertainment, for real people that didn’t want to go “clubbing”, to get drunk or stay up all night and they wanted to feel comfortable in their surroundings. As one local entrepreneur observed “you have made a safe place to go for the disenfranchised of Bournemouth” and for creating that space alone, we are extremely proud.

Unfortunately, financially, there only seems to be one brand of successful upright drinking venue that succeeds in Bournemouth, and of those, in various disguises, there are now far too many.

We chose to be briefly successful at what we desired, rather than to allow Jalarra to become yet another hybrid Jägermeister outlet for the masses. We were rather proud not to sell Red Bull and jokingly refused to serve anyone that asked for a “Sex on The Beach” cocktail.

However, the concept of Jalarra, a meeting place of creative minds, enjoyment of the arts and the simple pleasure of entertaining in good company, lives on!

As a reminder, a Jalarra (or Corroboree), in Australia, is “the word that embraces traditional songs, dances, rallies and meetings of various kinds. In the past a Jalarra has been inclusive of athletic events and other forms of skill display”. Plenty of scope for the future then!

Watch this space – what might come next . . . . . ?